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탱크 및 반응기 크리닝 (Internal vessel cleaning)
URACA tank cleaning heads, self-propelling only through the recoil energy of the discharged high pressure water jet, allow comprehensive internal cleaning of all types of tanks. Individually designed devices allow best possible positioning of the tank cleaning heads in the vessel.

With or without installed components, stationary or mobile, gas or pressure tight, process integrated – simple, individual and flexible. Practised and proven a thousand times worldwide.
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컨테이너 크리닝 (Container cleaning)
Internal and external cleaning of tanks, transport vessels, containers and small tanks. In addition to the URACA tank cleaning heads with positioning devices, the range includes nozzle beams and rotating systems for complete cleaning of internal and external contours.
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콘크리트 파쇄 및 보수 (Concrete rehabilitation)
Powerful and robust pump units up to 600 kW / 805 HP supply manual or automatic removal tools with high pressure water.
They can be used for hydrodemolition tasks or comprehensive depth excavation.
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바이오/ 의약/ 화장품 분야 (Bio-Energy / Pharma / Cosmetics)
URACA high pres­sure plunger pumps stand out on account of their high levels of efficiency and the resulting energy efficient operation.
High quality and vertical integration ensure products with a long working life – even with high requirements of the delivery media.
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액화 CO2를 이용한 추출 (CO2-extraction)
Plunger pumps with special design and dimensioning safe­ly supply the extraction process with liquid CO2 at pressures of up to 1,000 bar / 14,500 psi. URACA plunger pumps feature high efficiency and best possible adaptation to this compressible pump medium.
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압력 테스트 (Pressure testing)
Typical fields of application are e.g. hydrostatic pressure testing up to 3,000 bar / 43,500 psi on pipes and pipelines, containers and valves as well as bursting pressure testing. Special controls and valves allow reproducible 'tracing' of test paths for pressurising and depressurising as well as recording of the test process for creating test records. URACA pressure testing units are available as standard and customised models.

Booster and filling pumps,,skid frames and carriages as well as reservoirs are optionally available. Models complying with the ATEX guideline 94/9/EC are also available. All URACA pressure testing units can be operated alternatively with electricity or a combustion engine. Test pumps up to 3,000 bar / 43,500 psi complete the range.
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디스케일링 (Descaling)
Descaling, especially with continuous casting and rolling processes, is reliably executed with high pressure water, usually with pressures up to 400 bar / 5,800 psi. The descaling water is recirculated and therefore containing a high proportion of corrosive and abrasive components which are harmful to the high pressure pumps. This results in high requirements for material and design of all components. URACA high pressure pump units in particular have proven successful in this market for many decades.
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레미콘 믹서 클리닝 (Cement mixer cleaning systems)
Thousands of concrete mixers are in operation daily. Especially during the warm periods of the year, deposits form in the mixer drum that quickly become hard and increase with each application. In this manner, tons of excess material travel on our roads that not only devour energy, but also block desperately required loading capacities. URACA provides an economic, environmentally-friendly and efficient solution.
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스펀레이싱 (Spunlacing)
For spunlacing, nozzle beams are charged with high pressure water. Product quality requires reproducible, constant operating conditions. Depending on requirements, operating pressure and flow rate are adapted precisely by speed control. Purified drinking water or demineralised water is recirculated as a delivery medium.
Energy efficient displacement pumps with high mechanical efficiency are predestined for the high power installed. URACA pumps have proven successful since the start of spunlacing technology and are now in use worldwide.
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지열 (Geothermic)
URACA high pressure pumps deliver thermal water, which was pumped to the surface from as deep as 3,000 m / 9,842 ft, back into the deep strata after heat extraction. Reliable and highly efficient.
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주조 코어 제거 (Casting core removal)
Clean removal and cleaning of casting cores ensure lasting quality and reliability of the casting product Valves pressurised with high pressure water and special devices allow comprehensive cleaning and core removal, even in hard to reach areas.
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요소 비료 생산 (Urea production)
URACA high pressure pumps are used for delivering liquid ammonia (NH3) and carbamate in Urea production (e.g. for fertiliser). Modern URACA pumps have a constantly high level of efficiency across the entire control range.The economic advantages of plunger pumps are obvious: Low energy costs, manage­able maintenance work and a very long working life provide plunger pumps with life cycle costs which cannot be achieved by other pump solutions, even with higher investment costs.

The factor of environmental protection also speaks for the use of URACA plunger pumps, due to the much lower energy consumption.
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정유시설내 고온 잔유 처리 (Hot oil)
URACA high pressure pumps are used for further processing of oil residue from refineries, a technology which is becoming ever more important. This represents an important contribution to resource management and therefore to environmental protection. The residue is pumped into the reactor by high pressure plunger pumps with pressures of up to 400 bar / 5,800 psi and temperatures of up to 400°C / 752°F. The combination of high pressure, high temperature and delivery fluids containing solid particles requires a special pump design and places particularly high demands on mate­rials and technology.
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고압 크리닝 (High pressure cleaning)
URACA high pressure plunger pumps, pump units, tools and accessories are designed for effective and evironmentally friendly cleaning with high pressure water blasting.
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베어링 윤활 공급 (Hydrostatic bearing lubrication)
Large plain bearings in rolling mills require formation of an oil film before starting rotation. The rough operating conditions in the rolling mill together with the required high reliability and additional high pressures place great demands on the pumps. URACA pumps ensure reliable oil supply.
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산업분야 크리닝 (Industrial cleaning)
'URACA inside' is the formula for clean and reliable high pressure cleaning on an industrial level. The high quality of URACA high pressure pumps ensures an exceptionally long working life even under tough conditions. High pressure tools and special designs ensure a suitable solution for your applications.
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하수 크리닝 (Sewer cleaning)
URACA sewer cleaning pumps stand for continuity, competence, innovative technology, sturdiness and reliability. The name URACA represents these values in sewer cleaning technology worldwide. The product range is completed by safety, switching and overflow valves. URACA spray guns for high flow rates are robust and indestructible. First and foremost the high pressure spray gun SP250 with adjustable water jet.
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탱크 웨건 크리닝 (Tank wagon cleaning)
The positioning system TWK-"Trunk-o-jet" pro­vides easy cleaning without entry for tank wagons with manhole. Both wagon directions can be reached by turning the system by 180°. A system with worldwide success. Even for baffle plates.
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석탄 액화분야 (Coal liquefaction)
Pumping the highly abrasive and quickly settling coal-oil suspension places high demands on the delivery pumps, especially as the process takes place at very high temperatures of up to 400°C / 752°F.

Special URACA high pressure pumps with patented sedimentation chambers fulfil their tasks reliably, continuously and efficiently.
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각종 표면 처리 (Surface conditioning)
Whether metal, stone, concrete or other surfaces: Virtually any material can be cleaned with high pressure water. URACA supply complete systems up to 3,000 bar / 43,500 psi consisting of high pressure unit and application-specific accessories.
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오일 및 가스 운송 (Oil and gas delivery)
High pressure pumps and pump units designed according to API 674 are used as process pumps for upstream applications, mainly for injection of glycol, methanol or produced water as well as for downstream use for injecting washing water in the hydro cracker process.
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프레스 공정 (Press drives)
Custom-designed URACA pumps are used for loading storage systems, the drive units of presses. High­ly efficient plunger pumps offer ideal preconditions for reliable press operation.
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화학/정유화학 공정기술 (Chemical/ Petrochemical process technology)
Process pump units for the most difficult media, customised and produced to customer specifications are one of our particular specialities.
Process pump units for refineries and similar plants have to meet the highest safety standards. Our decades of experiences and references from all over the world provide our customers with the required safety
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배관 크리닝 (Pipe cleaning)
Cleaning tools, special pipe cleaning nozzles, flexible lances and special devices allow cleaning of virtually all pipes and sewers. From 10 millimetres to several metres in diameter. Developed tools unfold high water pressure for an outstanding result.
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분무탑 충전 (Spray tower charging)
Whether milk powder, washing powder or any other slurry - URACA offer high pressure pumps for delivering media to spray towers for drying. In addition to high efficiency the pumps feature material and design adapted to the abrasive properties of the pumped media.
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각종 부품류 크리닝 (Component cleaning)
Clean components and machine parts are the precondition for functioning machines and vehicles. High pressure water is used for processing all types of components such as motors, small parts, moulds and formwork panels. Whether cleaning, derusting, deburring or removing paint and independently of the pumped medium: With URACA pumps and high pressure tools you can work effectively and reliably up to 3000 bar / 43,500 psi.
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고도지역 음용수 공급 (Drinking water supply)
URA­CA plunger pumps en­sure safe and en­er­gy efficient drinking water supply to high altitude regions. URACA plunger pumps are characterised by constant flow rates and high levels of efficiency across the entire pressure and pumped media range.
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해수 담수화 (Reverse osmosis)
'URACA inside' ensures reliable drinking water purification from seawater. Individual adaptation to delivery media as well as high levels of efficiency make URACA pumps constantly efficient pressure sources.
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열교환기 크리닝 (Heat exchanger cleaning)
Cleaning systems for pipe bundles, rotating valve systems but also simple retaining devices for manual lance cleaning support high pressure cleaning. Operating pressures up to 3,000 bar / 43,500 psi ensure efficient cleaning.
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워터젯 가공 및 컷팅 (Water jet cutting)
Precise cuts – made possible with water jets with high pressures, with and without abrasives. Generated by URACA high pressure pumps.
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